Past Events
School of Tomorrow Festivals 2016: Themes

Celebrating 41 Years of Educational Excellence

Beginning as a single school in 1975, Beaconhouse has grown into an international organisation with a presence in nine countries outside Pakistan. In addition to its commitment to teaching and learning, it maintains a holistic, forward-thinking approach to education by emphasising educational innovation and change.
This vision is particularly evident in the acclaimed School of Tomorrow conferences held over the years where Beaconhouse brings together some of the world's leading educators and thought leaders to look at the changing face of schools around the world.
To celebrate 41 years of excellence, School of Tomorrow Festivals are being held in Lahore in November 2016 and Islamabad in February 2017. These unique public events centre on the undeniable influence of geopolitics, global security, media, emerging technologies and other evolving forces on the future of education.